About Us

About Beijing Dashing Equestrian Cultural Co., Ltd.


Dashing Equestrian’score competences include organizing, managing, and promoting both national and international equestrian events.  A professional event management team, good relationships to the local government, and a solid financial background are the foundation to the company’s success in launching the highest-ranking equestrian competition at the Beijing National Stadium – the “ Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters”.

Dashing Equestrian partnered up with the Aachen Reitturnier GmbH to found the professional equestrian event management company – Dashing-Aachen.  They worked together on the “Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters” to ensure the success and continuation of the event at the Bird’s Nest.  Both parties collaborated on this project to promote Chinese equestrianism and Beijing’s city image and they hope to expand their endeavors to include similar top-class events throughout China in the future.

Scope of services:

·        Events Management·         TV Rights Development

·         Commercial Development

·         Celebrity Management

·         Event Merchandising

·         Equestrian Academy

·         Brand Retailing

·         Equestrian Club (ongoing)

·         Horse Business



Address: China Beijing Dongcheng District Dongzhimen South Street No. 11 Zhonghui Plaza a block 602| mailbox:info@beijingmasters.com |phone: 010-5763 6826